Keto Made Simple 

The printable keto diet tracker that will give you the worksheets  and cheat sheets needed to simplify the ketogenic diet

The Keto Made Simple diet tracker is filled with 45 pages of printable keto tracking templates, printables and cheat sheets to help you not only keep track of your keto diet progress, but it will also help you set weight loss goalsgoals, plus give you tons of ideas and resources to make keto organization easy.

Track your macros, know what you can eat, and have easy keto cheat sheets on hand to help keep the ketogenic diet simple.

Finally Rid Yourself of Keto Confusion

You want to follow a keto diet but don't know where to start

You've tried using online macro and food log trackers and you don't stick with it

You're starting to wonder if you'll ever lose the weight or if this is how things will always be

I get ya girl! Online diet trackers never worked for me either and I struggled to stay consistent and find motivation.

It wasn't until I started writing down goals, making a plan, and having daily worksheets to fill out that I felt more confident and organized with my weight loss journey.

Honestly, I needed things to change.  Creating a system of accountability helped me stick to daily record keeping. And having handy cheat sheets makes keto meals and snack ideas easier when cravings strike.

Here's Your Sneak Peak....

Keto Diet and Macro Trackers​

Keto Cheat Sheets

Blank Keto Printables

Only $22!  $15!

What You'll Get When You Purchase Today

 ** 45 pages of templates and printables  to download**

  • Yearly overview goals worksheet
  • Quarterly goals worksheet (4 pgs)
  • Before and after progress tracker
  • Weight loss tracker
  • Weight loss jar progress sheet
  • Monthly measurements
  • Daily macro and food log tracker
  • Weekly goals worksheet
  • Weekly meal plan printable (blank)
  • Weekly grocery list printable (blank)
  • Keto breakfast ideas printable (blank)
  • Keto lunch ideas printable (blank)
  • Keto dinner ideas printable (blank)
  • Keto foods list
  • Easy keto meal ideas (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks)
  • Keep keto simple reference sheet
  • Keto food swaps list
  • Ketogenic brands to buy list
  • Keto on a budget tips
  • Keto resources tips
  • Notes/Journal page
  • (Almost!) No Carbs snack cheat sheet
  • Low carb nuts list
  • Low carb vegetables list
  • Low carb fruits list
  • 12 month blank calendar

Just $22! $15!

Our Keto Diet Tracker Solves Your Problem in 3 Ways:

Track your Macros  & Goals

Our macro food log and progress printables help to keep you accountable and make it simple to keep track of your weight loss goals and food intake.

Keto Cheat Sheets 

The handy keto cheat sheets make it simple to plan meals, know what to keep stocked in your pantry, and know what foods are best on a ketogenic diet.

Blank Resource Printables

The blank keto printables help you stay organized and motivated by providing sheets for meal planning, making a keto grocery list, or keeping track of your favorite low carb recipes.

Just $24! $14! Limited Time Only!

What Happens Next

After purchasing Keto Made Simple, you’ll receive an instant download with your printables workbook.

And for purchasing Keto Made Simple, you’ll not only be added to our low carb recipes email list, but you'll also receive lifetime workbook updates sent directly to you for no extra cost! 

We are not able to offer refunds since this is a digital product ~ This is one time payment with lifetime benefits ~  Your  payment is through secure PayPal processing

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