Air Frying for Beginners 

A 75+ page air fryer digital cookbook including 50+ of our most popular quick & easy recipes to help make you an air frying master in no time!

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The Air Frying for Beginners digital ebook is filled with 75+ pages of air fryer resourcesprintables and 50+ quick & easy recipes to help you not only learn the tips and tricks to master all types of air fryers, but it also gives you tons of simple recipes that'll make you an expert in no time.

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What You'll Get When You Purchase Today

 ** 77 pages of downloadable templates and printables **

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does This Get Mailed to Me? 

No, This is a digital PDF download that gets sent to your email address. You can save it to your phone or computer for easy reference and then just print off the pages you need. This is not a physical book.

Will this answer all of my air fryer questions? 

This is an ebook of printables and cheatsheets to help make using an air fryer easier. It will not answer every air fryer question that you have, this covers the nuts and bolts. Please email us if you have any air fryer questions not answered in the ebook so we can try to point you in the right direction!

Does this work with a Kindle? 

No, this won't work with a Kindle device. You'll download it in pdf format that you can save to your computer, cell phone, or you can print off in either color or black and white.

Does the ebook work for all types of air fryers? 

Yes! Air Frying for Beginners will work for ALL types of air fryers! MOST of the recipes used in the ebook were cooked in a Cosori 5.8 QT air fryer, some of the recipes also used an Instant Pot Omni Plus air fryer oven. We include tips and tricks for getting the recipes to turn out right the first time, not matter what brand you're using!

Do you offer other styles and colors?

At this time we just have the one style available for purchase, for a black and gray option, simply print the pages in grayscale.

What size does the pages print in?

For the pages you want printed off, they print in 8 1/2 x 11" size.

Do you offer refunds?

Since this is a digital product you download and not a physical book, we do not offer refunds. If you have any troubles with downloading the ebook after purchase, please let us know!

What Happens Next

After purchasing Air Frying for Beginners you’ll receive an instant download with your digital cookbook. 

And for purchasing Air Frying for Beginners, you’ll not only be added to our air fryer recipes email list, but you'll also receive lifetime cookbook updates sent directly to you for no extra cost! 

No refund since this is a digital product ~ This is one time payment with lifetime benefits ~  Your  payment is through secure PayPal processing or through Stripe for Visa/Mastercard processing.


Only $9.97

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